Weird shit I find in Wasteland 2

So yeah, amigossss..

This Wasteland is weird. First thing I noticed it has a lot of shit. Bird shit. Animal shit. Mutated bird shit and mutated animal shit. Just lying here and there, piles of it. I thought it was weird, and that I maybe should collect each unique shit, but then it was revealed to me that all these different kinds of shit are for a specific quest. So hence, shit no longer qualifies as weird, in Wasteland 2:

all kinds of shit

a) Otherwise I found a turtle lying upside down. I flipped it and it started crawling, in a very determined fashion. I followed it, and as is known turtles are slow (they could have mutated into faster animals, but on the other hand if you take a look at any turtle you will realize that they don't give a shit about you and your world, and they have no reason to change or mutate into anything. They are fine as they are). So anyway, it took around 20 minutes, and the turtle actually stopped and then suddenly died. The game threw out a message that it was dead (the turtle, not the game), and asked me how long *I* think I have left. The game is mocking me. But there was a treasure hidden x feet under where the turtle died.
b) There is an issue of a PC gaming magazine, dating back to the 80s. I assume it is a real magazine, which wrote about Wasteland 1 back in the day.
c) There are rabbits there, that act like that tiny rabbit in that Monty Python movie, except they are 15 times bigger (at least!). Once you kill them (you don't have a choice), you get rabbit ears and rabbit tails. And they both say that they can create a fancy costume. I have to figure out if I can make a fancy costume like that. One of my characters totally deserves it. He a big strong anti-social dude.