If I was a robot..

So if I was a robot without any social software, but a capable global/universal software that can teach itself anything, and I wanted to master social skill, I would run into a lot of problems.

The first problem that I would run in to is defining social skill. If I am a robot, how am I supposed to know which of the following phenomena this skill refers to: being friends with all/being liked by all, foster others' potential by mastering what things to express to awaken their absolute well-being, or simply to get along with others with minimized effort on my part plus as highly reduced as possible chance of conflict?

As a robot, I don't give a fuck. My far superior brain that is made out of fucking CABLES couldn't give a tiniest shit about other people's potential or getting their approval. These don't even come close to standards that I have. As a robot.

But as a robot, I was programmed to chose at least one of these options, and to maximize the level of awesomeness within my own ..let's sayyyy.. platinum case, I decide to max out the software that deals with other beings by striving for minimal conflict, while at the same time without losing any self-respect (despite the platinum case). I would strive to pass every day life by following these particular points:

  • Before saying something, think: am I insulting the other person or at the very least making them appear in a negative light?
  • Whatever said by the other person that hurts my pride can be ignored, because the only thing it does is hurt my ego, and my ego no one cares about except me. 
Then can my mysterious existence continue without these unnecessary daily struggles that otherwise result from misunderstanding.