I am looking for this CD: Ionosphere - The Stellar Winds

..a dead, silent , transmission echoes in deep dark space. Black it is, completely black. Not in a scary bad way. No, in an empty, it's too large to even consider such simple issues as scary, bad, or good-way. Insanely huge, tall structures, monoliths, rise into the unfathomable distance, and you can hear them roar, drone, go brrrrrrrr - not on purpose or actively. They just do it because that's what things do when they are that huge and tall.

..you can also hear creeks and infintly deep bass filled cracks, as if a vulcano that is the size of a millions Suns is slowly moving, errupting. It's an empty place, that's cold and warm at the same time. And here is the deal: you are so fucking small and insignificant compared to even a millionth part of the tinyest object in this place, that your understanding of how warm, cold or empty it is, is entirely completely insignificant. You don't exist there, and it is not by any means on any level important compared to the structures and phenomena in that place.

This is how Lustmord - Heresy makes you feel. And this is how Gustaf Hildebrand's Heliopause album makes you feel.

Do you then want to know how Ionosphere - The Stellar Winds album makes me feel? I haven't got a fucking idea! Because I don't have it! And I can't find it for sale anywhere on the internet. So if you know someone who needs some cash, or someone who knows someone who needs it, let me know. Of course, I haven't allowed comments in this place, because maybe I like silence, or maybe I don't know how. So you will have to send a message to me at @gmail.com (the name's Fishermang).

Thank you.