The Outlast Log

In anticipation of what is to come, I launch Outlast.

The Launch goes smoothly. I have experience. I know what I can expect from old house. From old insane asylum.

---20 minutes within I need to call my brother for support. My brother does not have time. This is my first Launch alone. I can handle it. I move on. There has been only movement so far, and no Exposure.

---27 minutes within. There is sweat on keyboard. I exit and take a long warm shower. I wonder if I have a weak heart. There was a first Exposure. I recall a comic strip depicting people who Launch. The strip ranged these people from controlled cool attitude, to chaotic restless scared attitude, while within Launch. They forgot to add a picture of a person lying in a hospital bed with sign "intense heart attack" attached to the locale.

---45 minutes within, I start to learn tactics. Maybe there is a chance afterall. Breathe and stay calm in your head, makes a better preparation for what may [----or----m-a-y----not---{] come.

---53 minutes within. Weak exposure. Pounding heart. But no jump away from screen in panic this time. I feel that, this session within Launch this day, is concluded. I feel calm, as I exit. Happy.
                                                                                                        September 4, 2013

Next day I am better prepared. I have a few beers. I listen to some heavy metal. My spirits are up, and I feel ready to take on whatever challenge is thrown.

----ten minutes pass and despite no Exposure, I am scared. I pause the Launch. I think. There is darkness. There is inevitable Exposure. I keep the pause and walk around, pacing down stairs to see if I can take my mind of it. There is no jam in the kitchen.
```````so I call my brother again. He is walking by a graveyard, and there is only 1% of battery left in his phone. Why is this familiar.
````Bro says he understands. We survived the Launch within Amnesia together. His advice to go to the kitchen and have a snack to relax. There is no fucking jam in the kitchen. Or, there is, but it is frozen to ice. Red, melting, juicy, yet too cold.

-----approximately 83 minutes within (a grasp of time is starting to become blurry) I am ultimately Exposed. Panick. Pounding heart. I breathe un-normally. 

---91 minutes within Launch. I am calmer. I learn. I have a better understanding, th ..//[{¿]...

that I can be flexible. In darkness and on wet ground, there are flooshing sounds. They are horrifying. What is behind me? To the left? They are my own footsteps.
---96 minutes within, there is a chase. I survive. I survive the basement. I return. I exit Launch. Today's is done. I am calm. _-101 minutes within.|

September 5, 2013

---- I redisappear. Why is there dark within familiar, and why are there two powerful threatening elements instead of the usual one?

                -]}enter, flash, apo-strophý, no rupppian
the thoughts are endless and of EONIC stuff. There was body that ran into cell, and it was gone when I peered inside. I looked down to touch the door-knob to open it because of my [CURIOUS NATUre]. 

September 15, 2013