What if

What if they both are married to other people.
What if they are taking the same plane and it gets delayed. The insurance offers them rooms in the same hotel.
They sit in their rooms and think. After a little while they both can't resist the lust and one of them goes to the other one's room. They have sex twice. They cheat on their husband and wife. They say good bye next morning after they leave the plane as if nothing had ever happened. They feel guilty and ponder how they will keep this a secret.
She gets pregnant. Her wife is a lesbian. She weighs pros and cons of abortion. She decides for it, but the abortion clinic says it is too late, because she has been pregnant for several months already. This doesn't make sense, she scratches her head. It has only been a few weeks. She hasn't had sex with another man since she was 21, it was the one in the forest. What is going on?
Then he gets pregnant. He sees his belly swell up. He throws up in the mornings. He almost threw up on old lady in the bus. The lady shouted something he couldn't make sense of while he was sprinting out through half open bus door, creaking its switches. He threw up 10 feet away from a garbage can in a park. He thought he had cancer, when this repeated itself for another week. So he made an appointment with a friend of a friend, a doctor. He was supposed to be good.
Two days later she calls him. He didn't have the energy to think and ask how she got hold of his number, but he agrees to meet her in a café in the outskirts of the town. She sounded urgent.
She parked her car in the lot. And she walked towards the café. Saw his hat inside, and she felt as if she was walking in slow motion. Finally, several minute-seconds later, she sits down next to him. He looks drained. Tired. Messy.
A man gets closer to their table. Long coat. Boots. Dirty boots. Hat. Glasses. With fat on them. She turns her head, attention drawn against him, as he passed closer and closer to their table and looks at him. Now time turns even more slow motion. It's the man she had sex with 12 years ago in the woods.