Gramvousa and the Balos Lagoon

We went to Crete and then we visit Gramvousa.

The abandoned ship ruin was very interesting to explore, but there was no time. This was on island A. Made me think of Far Cry 3.

Island B had the Blue-Green Balos Lagoon, and very much wind. I would love to explore it with no humans there what so ever. I think it would have given me three-four days worth of landscape photography motives, especially long shutter speed experiments and polarizing filter, as the water was so insanely clear everywhere.

The nature of the Balos Lagoon is mysterious. I can't find any specific information on how it became divided in two parts, especially the one with knee deep water for a km or two. Has it been dry? How did it become geographically?

In such trips I always want to rather see places where tourists don't go. A random cottage that has been built in the last 50 years in that place that is abandoned gives me so much more atmosphere than a fort that has been made presentable for tourists, or in Gramvousa case overrun by tourists and their trash. (<--- shame). That was what drew me to the boat ruin: no one seemed interested in it. (<--- this is hipster tourist).

The Balos Lagoon had something that looked like another small fishing boat ruin farther up on the wild beach on the right side. (<-- also no puny humans, so must have been good, by mental shortcut). The wild beach beyond the knee-deep lagoon was hard to walk on barefoot, and we didn't have time because of the boat waiting to return. Dream in making! Spend 36 hours in the Balos Lagoon with camera (<--- at least).